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To support you during your search and purchase

Mon Projet en Bourgogne

Marit Grotenhuis

To support you during

your project in Burgundy

Have you been dreaming of a second home in Burgundy for a while, but would you like to outsource the search? Or do you need help finding the perfect campsite or chambre d'hôtes to make your dream come true?
My Project in Burgundy is here to help you find the project of your dreams. Distance, lack of time and travel costs can be obstacles in finding your home, professional project or investment. I am not a real estate agency, I am here to save you time with searching, disappointing viewings and unnecessary travel. All the preparatory work is done by me, I go hunting for you in Burgundy! Important to know is that the system here in France is maybe not the same as in your country. A real estate agent here in France will only propose to you the houses that they have for sale, and not the houses that are for sale with other agencies or notaries, that's what makes my services unique and completely independent!

I also offer two other services; purchase guidance (real estate agency, notary, etc.) and procedures for connecting all utilities, internet, telephone, etc.

Marit Grotenhuis - MP Bourgogne

What is your project?



Primary or secondary


Campsite, bed and breakfast, gîte, restaurant, hotel




Maison secondaire Bourgogne

Imagine the good life 

in Burgundy....

- Tier 1

Personalized Search

- Creating your file after a survey and an introductory meeting by telephone

- Search through all channels

- First viewings with full reporting

- Guidance of viewings during your visit to Burgundy

- Tier 2

Purchase guidance

- Real estate agency (if applicable)

- Notary

- Technical examination

- Land Registry

- Township

- Other administration

- Presence of signature sales agreement and deed of sale

- Tier 3

After the purchase

- Utility connection

- Telephone / Internet connection

In addition to these three services, there is also a possibility, depending on location and type of project, to be supported in requesting quotations from contractors, for example.

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Without obligation, for more info, to get to know each other and for you the possibility to tell me about your project in Burgundy.

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